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1.  ComputerEase Software Assistance

Posted 08-14-2016 09:23

A construction client of ours on the Northshore has purchased and installed ComputerEase.  They are looking for some help in getting their accounting system up and running in ComputerEase.  From their experience, the support offered by ComputerEase is somewhat limited.  Does anyone know of any ComputerEase specialists locally, or anyone with significant experience with the software who might be interested in a short-term project to help them get fully implemented?  

Any info is appreciated.


Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams, CPA, CCIFP
Audit Director
LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 296-5150

2.  RE: ComputerEase Software Assistance

Posted 05-19-2017 17:51
The company I worked for was a ComputerEase account and we loved it.  I could not do anything during the week but if they had an interest in weekends I would love to talk to them about their needs.

Mark Stafford

Mark Stafford CPA
Block Companies, LLC
Baton Rouge LA
(225) 930-9960